Wednesday, March 12, 2014


26 TREASURE ROOM. Ruggero kept his most valuable items hidden here. There is a large locked iron-bound wooden chest, a sword and a spear propped against the south wall, and a small iron box.

The iron-bound chest holds 342 gold crescents in loose coins and a bag of 83 silver spanners.

The sword is a longsword +1, +3 vs. lycanthropes & shape changers and the spear is a spear +1.

The iron box is locked and armed with two traps. The first releases a cloud of choking dust which is annoying but not harmful. This trap is intentionally easy to find, allow a +10% on a detect traps roll. The second trap is a needle trap, difficult to find (-5% on the roll), which contains poison. Once lethal, this poison will now merely blind those who fail their save vs poison for 1d4+2 days. The box contains a map which describes a cave outpost of a band of outlaws led by Alighieri the Bold.

This lair is six miles to the north. What the party will not realize is that the cave is now the den of a pair of owlbears (hp 31, 24). They killed off the bandits years ago but the bandit treasure remains: 387 gold crescents, 512 silver spanners, and 834 copper pieces in three massive chests. Buried three feet below them is a fourth small wood chest containing two potions of fire resistance (white with a minty taste) and a rope of climbing.

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