Tuesday, March 18, 2014


32 PINK ROOM. When approached, both doors to this room will be open. This room is painted entirely in pink, including the floorboards and ceiling. When all the characters have entered, both doors will slam shut and pink silhouettes of the characters will begin peeling themselves off the wall.

Creepy Pink Silhouettes (AC 9, HD 2, hp 13 each, attack as a level 2 fighter once per round with razor sharp edges for 1-8, xp 46 each)

The silhouettes are nearly two-dimensional, having a thickness of only a few millimeters. After the silhouettes have peeled off, there will be dirty gray areas in the shape of the silhouettes. Once every silhouette has been defeated, the doors will reopen by themselves. There are no windows, but the pink surfaces give off a weird light. Once defeated by the party, the silhouettes will not reappear for the next week and the room can be traversed safely until then.

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