Wednesday, October 11, 2017


33N STORAGE ROOM. This room holds pieces of old furniture. A rickety ladder is near one wall.

An invisible restless spirit inhabits this room, and will begin flinging objects (pieces of wood, chunks of bricks, etc.) at intruders.

Invisible Restless Dead (AC 0 (4 to those which can see invisible); MV 12"; HD 3; hp 15; #AT 1d4 flung objects per round; D 1-4 each; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 200)

To those which can see invisible, it appears as a pale skinned bald man with too large eyes, an open mouth, and four skinny arms spaced equidistant about its torso. If defeated it will evaporate. Among the items it will fling are six decorative golden plates (50 gold crescents each) marked with the Hollow family insignia on one side and the Triskelion insignia on the opposite.

Close inspection of the ceiling will reveal that the white surface is marked by a area of distinct gray-brown discoloration in a rectangular shape. This is a concealed trapdoor, but it does not lead to the upstairs. Instead it leads to Room 33G by a teleporting rift in space-time.

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