Saturday, October 7, 2017


33J GALLERY. This room holds several portraits. Each is labeled:

Hugo Hollow: A thin blonde man with a nice smile. His hand rests on a piano.

Harlan Hollow: A sullen looking young man with wild black hair.

Hew Hollow: A very thin balding man with greyish skin and a creepy smile.

Hender Hollow: A handsome man in his late forties. He wears a red smoking jacket.

Helga Hollow: A severe rotund woman with gray hair in a bun, holding a black book.

Hilda Hollow: A very pale sad looking young girl in a beautiful royal blue dress with a yellow bow.

Hinny Hollow: A horse faced woman of middle years. Her hat is adorned with peacock feathers.

Harlow Hollow: A beautiful woman with black hair and a black dress , She holds an impossibly long cigarette.

Each portrait is signed by Patrizio Triskelion. In addition to the above, there are four discolored spaces on the wall which once held portraits.

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