Tuesday, October 31, 2017


33HH THE THING IN THE HALLWAY. The walls of this long winding hall are decked with rows of shelves holding thousands of one foot tall porcelain dolls. Each doll is in a state of neglect with missing limbs, cracked foreheads, rotten clothes, and other defects.

The walkway is choked with broken hospital gurneys, human bones, fragments of smashed school desks, and dislocated wooden mannikin body parts, so non-flying movement is at one half the normal rate.

There is a 50% chance that the thing that inhabits this place and that rules the cellars will be here at any time

The Thing in the Hallway, Restless Dead (AC 2; MV 12"' HD 7; hp 34; #AT 1d4; D 1d6; SA Fear; SD Limited spell immunity, magic weapons to hit; Size L; XP 922)

The Thing is an evil spirit that inhabits a body made from dozens of porcelain dolls, assembled torso to torso so that it has multiple arms like a long pale centipede. The head is that of a doll with its eyes missing. The sight of the Thing causes fear unless a saving throw vs spells is successful. Those failing this save are paralyzed with their fear and can do nothing for 1d4+1 rounds.

The Thing attacks by touching with its tiny hands. Each round it can make 1d4 attacks, directed at random party members. It is very thin but quite long so that it can attack people who are even fifteen feet away from each other. Wherever it touches it causes black marks that heal at one quarter the normal rate. Because of the shape of its body, the Thing can travel this hall at its normal movement rate.

The secret door is hidden behind a porcelain doll that is actual human size and painted with the face of a clown.

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