Tuesday, March 28, 2017


15YY SECRET ROOM. This room holds numerous opened chests. The decaying body of a human male is propped against the north wall, a dagger sticking out from its back.

The adventurers who killed the man took most of the treasure from this room, There remains 124 copper pieces that they could not be bothered with.

The corpse is the physical body of the Restless Dead from Room 15XX. It wears battered chain mail armor and is missing its shoes. Its shoes are, of course, in Room 15XX.

If the body is given last rites or even a simple prayer, it will dispell the Restless Dead and give quadruple experience points (240 xp). At this point the Restless Dead will reform before the 24 hour period (if it was defeated) and become visible, looking like a human fighter, but ghostly and transparent. It will lead the party to the secret door to Room 15ZZ before vanishing forever.

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