Friday, March 10, 2017


15GG TOWEL CLOSET. Hundreds of used shower caps are here. The discarded shower caps have reached sentience due to the large amounts of expired magic bubble bath being used on them.

Shower Cap Monster (AC 8; MV 3”; HD 6; hp 22; #AT 1; D Strangle; XP 407)

These heat-treated rubber shower caps are a cohesive unit. If it strikes, the beast will do no damage the first round, but 1-6 points of strangulation/smothering damage each round thereafter, not requiring additional “to hit” rolls.

The shower cap monster is willing to trade with adventurers, assuming it is not attacked immediately. It can speak and will give magic towels in return for a full head of hair, which it will consume. Hair taken in this way will never grow back (unless magic).

It has the following items for trade.

2 Healing Hand Towels: A swipe will heal 1d4+2 damage or cure disease or blindness.

1 House Towel: This towel will make a tent-like shelter capable of fitting up to 6 man-sized persons. It is invulnerable to heat and cold. It falls apart after the third use.

1 Crusty Towel: This rather nasty item can be wrapped around the body like a toga, adding 15 points of ablative type armor. Onec these 15 points are used, the towel shatters.

2 Wash Cloths of Warning: The next time the owner's party is surprised by an encounter, the wash cloth will cry out an alert, negating the surprise.

1 Peshtemal of Perfection: This large handsome all-purpose towel adds +2 to the charisma statistic as long as the user has it on his or her person.

Of course, the adventurers can just kill it and take its towels, but then they won't know what each one does.

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