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15TT THE ORACLE OF THE TOILET. A gentle gurgling, swishing sound can be heard from the toilet when this room is entered. The room is furnished with normal wash room furniture, including a small cabinet, a bathtub, and a hamper.

If a person looks into the toilet, they will see a face made of water staring back at them.

The Oracle of the Toilet (AC 2; MV 6”//18”; HD 8; hp 37; #AT 1; D 5-30; SD +2 or better weapons needed to hit; XP 1145)

The Oracle is a being from the elemental plane of water. It is connected to the plumbing system of this house and the castle but enjoys staying in this room because it is nice and quiet here. The oracle has effective intelligence and wisdom scores of 19 and is willing to answer questions for a price. It values expensive liquids such as holy water, potions, and high priced alcohol. In return for a vial of such it will agree to answer questions.

The number of questions that it will answer is based on the person asking instead of the any other factor. Roll a reaction roll.

Adjusted Die Score
Number of Questions
Up to 55
96 or Greater

Providing its requirements are met, the Oracle will answer the questions truthfully. It has no knowledge of future events and if it does not know an answer (Dungeon Master decision) it will indicate its lack of knowledge. After all questions are answered (or it admits ignorance) the Oracle will no longer answer questions from that person for another year.

If the party elects to fight the Oracle , it can be harmed by flushing the toilet (1d6 points of damage per flush). Note that the Oracle is size large: only one portion of its body is actually located in the toilet, with the rest being in adjoining pipes. If it is losing a combat, it can escape quickly through the plumbing system.

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