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15MM MASTER BED ROOM. During the day, there is only a 20% chance that Huvvard wil be here, but at night that chance is 90%.

Huvvard Triskelion, Neutral Good female human Magic-User (AC 10; MV 12”; MU9; hp 19; #AT 0; D Nil; SA Spell use; S 8, I 17, W 6, D 9, C 8, Ch 13; XP 1766)

First Level Magic user Spells:
Jump, Nystul's Magic Aura, Ventriloquism, Write

Second Level Magic user Spells:
ESP, Scare, Web

Third Level Magic user Spells:
Dispel Magic, Fly, Hold Person

Fourth Level Magic user Spells:
Confusion, Monster Summoning II

Fifth Level Magic user Spells:
Transmute Rock to Mud

Huvvard is a very old woman. She wears a huge pair of spectacles with very thick lenses that do very little to help her see. She can see vague outlines of things and colors, but not distinct shapes unless they are within six inches of her nose. She can see just well enough to read her spells if she concentrates and it takes her twice as much time to memorize as normal.

She is naturally kindly but forgetful and given to thinking the best of everyone that she meets, thus explaining her giving refuge to the gang of halflings which she has mistaken for children. She has spent a vast fortune in supplying the halflings with food and drink, all of which they have wastefully squandered. She has a magic ring made of gold (value 900 gold crescents) that allows her to travel to the market place in Sarcoy and back when she steps in to her shower in Room 15FF. The reurn spot in the market place is an alley behind a fishmonger's shop. The ring will only work between these two spots and will only transfer one person. The activation word is "Fubblegums".

She also has all of the spell components that she needs for each spell: A bag of grasshopper legs for the jump spell, a silk handkerchief for the Nystul's magic aura spell, a small cone of parchment for the ventriloquism spell, a bottle of expensive ink for the write spell (500 gold crescent value), a copper piece for the ESP spell, a ghoul's finger for the scare spell, a vial of spider webs for the web spell, a bird's feather for the fly spell, three walnut shells for the confusion spell, a small bag holding a candle for the monster summoning ii spell, and a lump of clay and vial of water for the transmute rock to mud spell.

Because of her advanced age and poor eyesight, Huvvard cannot attack using weapons. If she uses spells requiring eyesight, she must roll a "to hit" roll in order to cast it at her target. It is quite possible that she will mistake short adventurers for children, especially gnomes, dwarves, and halflings.

The room is furnished as a bed room, and a force equal to an unseen servant is bound permanently to serve her. It has its normal residence here, but Huvvard can send it off to other parts of the magic shoe house in order to tidy up messes that the halflings make.

If they wish, adventurers may try to convince Huvvard that the halflings are really criminals and not children, but it will be difficult to overcome her delusions. Things that may work are to cure her eyesight or show resident halflings committing evil acts.

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