Tuesday, February 28, 2017


15W BATHTUB GIN. Four halflings are operating a home distillery in this spacious bathroom.

4 Halfling Thieves (AC 10; MV 9”; T1; hp 3, 3, 5; #AT 1; D Short sword; SA +3 with bow or sling; XP 34, 34, 38)

Thief skills: PP 35%, OL 30% F/RT 25% MS 25% HS 25% HN 15% CW 70% RL –

Each halfling has 3-18 (3d6) silver spanners.

This room is equipped as one would expect for a luxury bath room. The distillery is in the tub. All the ingredients necessary, including grain alcohol, and juniper berries are here. Four buckets of the finished product are here.

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