Monday, February 6, 2017


15A FOYER.  This room is amply supplied with hat racks, boot scrapes, and umbrella stands.  Two portrait paintings are here, one on the east wall and one on the west.

There are many umbrellas and bowler hats, but only one pair of high-laced ladies’ boots.  The east portrait is of Huvvard Triskelion.  She is a tall elderly woman with white hair and black-rimmed glasses with thick lenses.  The west portrait is of a Socko, a red and white spotted hound dog.  Both portraits are labeled with the subject’s name and both are signed by Patrizio Triskelion.

The locked door at the north end of the room has a tremendous brass knocker in the shape of a grotesque face.  If anyone tries to open the door, the knocker will animate and ask them to state their business.  This is mostly a formality, as it will unlock the door and let just about anyone in unless they attack it or they declare a criminal objective.  If it is attacked or if there is an attempt to forcefully bypass the door it will defend the house, screaming “help, help!” loudly.

The Knocker (AC 6; MV 0”; HD 5; hp 24; #AT 1 eye beam; D 1-8; XP 210)

If the knocker does scream for help, there is a 50% chance that Socko (see Room 15H) will respond in 1d4 rounds to help rebuff intruders.  The knocker will have to open the door to let Socko through.

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