Saturday, February 11, 2017


15F ECHOING HALLWAY. The floor, walls, and ceiling of this corridor are made of a smooth pure white substance that emits bright light. The ceiling is forty feet high, a situation only made possible by the space-bending physics of the Shoe House. Every sound is amplified in the hall, producing a loud echo. A toy ladder (about two feet wide by three feet high) is lying on the floor. If the ladder is placed against the wall, it will telescope itself up to the ceiling.

If a person climbs to the ceiling they will find a small trapdoor in the ceiling next to wherever the ladder was placed. This is a small attic holding a drowsy three eyed talking donkey named Maalab. In return for food (such as a cake from Room 15H) or a drink of alcohol it will give his finder a kiss on the forehead, opening up his or her third eye..

Malaab (AC 10; HD 6; hp 36; #AT 1 bray; D 1-6 sonic boom; XP 366)

When the third eye is opened, it is a form of mental awakening but also a physical change as a third eye will really appear on the forehead of the person.
  • This eye can manifest once per day an it will do so for the duration of one combat or one turn, whichever is greater.
  • In combat, the user of the third eye may gaze for one round at an opponent as they probe for weaknesses. Following that one round of concentration, they are now at +6 to hit and +2 to damage for the remainder of that combat.
  • Out of combat, the eye may also be used to identify magic items. It does so with no chance of failure and can do so for as many items at it can gaze at in one turn (quite a few as it turns out).

If the ladder is removed from the room it loses its ability to telescope until returned. If this room is visited again Maalab will be absent.

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