Wednesday, November 25, 2015


37 BEFUDDLING FRESCOES. The walls of the room have been decorated with frescoes.

Against the northwest wall is a scene of a ruined temple in a swamp with bizarre spider like creatures scurrying over the architecture. It a night-time scene, but the stars are depicted as putrescent orbs.

To the southwest is a painting of a ugly muscular man with gray flesh wearing only a loincloth. The word “SJAROS” is branded across his forehead. He is strapped to a table and being tortured by goat headed pygmies.

The northeast wall has a painting of a beautiful fountain with snakes swimming in its waters.

Against the southeast wall is the scene of a skeletal army assaulting a fortified town. Peasants and soldiers hurl oil and missiles at the invaders.

The funny thing about the frescoes is that they seem to move and fluctuate if they are observed. In this way they intrigue the viewer. This is a mimetic rather than a magical effect, so it will not detect as magic. Any person giving more than a passing glance at a fresco must save versus spells or be entranced. They will refuse to leave the room for an hour while they make their observations, sure there is a deeper meaning in the fresco than what is really there. Only one fresco will entrance any one viewer. Indeed, even if a person is entranced by one fresco they will be unable to understand what another person finds so special about another.

At the end of the hour, they will allow themselves to leave but they have been hooked. If they ever re-enter this room, they must immediately make another saving throw vs spells, but this time at -2. If they fail, they must spend two hours in the room observing their favorite fresco. Subsequent visits will see an escalation in their mania. Saving throws will continue to be harder to save against (-4, -6, etc.) and the time spent will increase as well by an hour each time.

The stairs to the south ascend twenty feet to Room 47 on Level 1.

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