Sunday, November 15, 2015


34A FEARSOME FIVESOME. The door to this room is obstructed with an open pit. It is twenty feet deep and gives quite a problem to those who wish to enter the room. Furthermore, the door is locked.

In this room there are five men who look just like Paozo Triskelion (see Room 33 for his description). Each man holds a dagger and wears black robes with Paozo's name sewed into the garment in red thread. Behind them in the south wall is a huge ornate bronze door decorated with ornamentation resembling skulls and femurs. Two heavy iron wheels are here (resembling the hatch wheel of a submarine). On is in the east wall and the other is in the west wall.

One of the men is a wax golem that looks just like Paozo. The other four are actually illusions. Treat these as a mirror image spell that will not expire unless the images are struck by a weapon.

Wax Golem (AC 8; MV 12”; HD 7; hp 30; #AT 1; D Dagger; SD Limited spell immunity; XP 590)

The south door is not only a false door, it is also trapped. Any attempt to open it will cause 2d8 electrical damage (save vs dragon breath for half damage).

Turning the east wall's wheel clockwise will cause the west wall's secret door to slide open, but turning it counter clockwise will cause acid spray to shoot from a hidden nozzle in the wheel's center, targeting the person turning the wheel and doing 2d4+4 points of damage (again, save vs dragon breath for half damage).

Turning the west wall's wheel counter clockwise will cause the east wall's secret door, to slide open but turning it clockwise will cause a fountain of oil to shoot from a hidden nozzle in the wheel's center, soaking the opener, but causing no damage. This trap was originally paired with a flame device, but it malfunctioned years ago.

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