Thursday, November 5, 2015

Encounter Key: Upper Dungeons Level 2.

The second level of the Upper Dungeons lies twenty feet below the first level of the Upper Dungeons.

Except where noted otherwise, the walls and floors are rectangular stone blocks fitted tightly together. Most areas will not be lit, and it is rare to see a cresset for holding a torch within the corridors of the second level. In most areas the ceiling height is fourteen feet.

The caverns near the center of the map have sandy or rocky floors. The height of the caverns and caves in this area varies from seven to eight feet, on average, but there are no places that are especially difficult to maneuver in.

Level 2 directly connects to the the Cellars, the Ground Level of the Inner Ward, Level 1 of the Upper Dungeons, and Level 3 of the Upper Dungeons.

Notable features in this level include a hobgoblin outpost, two gnoll tribes, a cavern system overrun by ghouls, and the entrance to an unholy temple. The hobgoblins and gnolls are not in active war in the same way that the denizens of Level 1 of the Upper Dungeons are. The groups actually get along fairly well, although their spirit of cooperation will stop well short of altruism towards each other.

HOBGOBLINS (AND GOBLINS). These humanoids, occupying Rooms 3 to 7, are former prison guards that have chosen to remain at their posts for the time being. They are allied with Vicenne Triskelion of the Inner Ward. They have a profitable business moving slaves, food, and liquor down the dungeon levels in exchange for treasure and promised aid. The hobgoblins are well organized and will resist attacks with an intelligent and coordinated effort. Repeated attacks by determined adventurers will result in them altering their tactics, such as setting more traps or even hiring gnolls as mercenaries. If adventurers make their business too unprofitable by taking their supplies and killing too many of them, they will likely try moving their base of operations. It is possible to ally with them, provided the adventurers can demonstrate their value to the operation.

YELLOW FANG AND BLACK TOOTH GNOLLS. These groups are competitive, but rarely fight each in earnest. They have even been known to intermarry. They are dedicated slave takers and prefer to live a life free of work as much as possible. They do not consider fighting to be work. Neither group is well organized, and attacks by adventurers will generally not result in them developing sophisticated tactics to avoid elimination. Attempts by adventurers to ally with either or both groups won't necessarily fail, but it is almost impossible to get any meaningful aid from them. They will accept bribes to allow adventurers to travel in their territory.


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