Saturday, June 25, 2016


126 PAINTED ROOM. The walls of this room are painted like a luxurious garden in the full bloom of Summer. In the north wall, the painted foliage has a break, displaying a tall mountain with a painted cottage at its peak. Two marble benches are here.

This room was used by the prison guards as a psychological retreat. Their duties prevented them from going above ground often, so they would occasionally come to this room for some 'garden time'. The painted cottage has a tiny painted door that actually opens. Within is a cavity holding a rolled up love letter from Absolon Triskelion to a woman named Cordelia wrapped inside a silver ring. The letter itself is not significant (actually the prose is horrifyingly awful) but it is written on the back of a spell scroll for the magic-user spells Globe of Invulnerability and Animal Growth. The ring is marked with a Triskelion “three legs” design and is worth 100 gold crescents.

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