Thursday, June 23, 2016


125C CELL. This cell holds loot the gralkin have taken from other dungeon dwellers. There are three chests. 

The first holds 312 gold crescents. 

The second holds 513 silver spanners and is trapped with a poison needle, save or take 1d12+6 damage and fall unconscious for 1d4+3 hours. 

The third holds the following: a scroll of protection from fire elementals in a carved wood tube sealed with wax, a small felt sack of 86 Sionese gold spelts, and wand of enemy detection. The wand is made of wood with a gold tip. It is in an ivory wand case itself worth 120 gold crescents. It has 43 remaining charges and it's command words are inscribed upon it “Dragorum Loxoides Mercurum Dodas Ree”.

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