Thursday, May 5, 2016


90 GRAY GUARDIAN. This room is home to a monstrous occupant. It has a bloated body with four stumpy legs that end in blunt toes. It has six writhing worm heads ending only in fanged mouths.

Six Headed Gray Slagmonster (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 6; hp 48; #AT 6 bites; D 1-6 X 6; SA 1-4 attacks on same opponent; SD All heads must be killed to slay; XP 513)

This monster is mechanically identical to a six headed hydra, except it has no eyes and so is immune to attacks that affect them (blindness, light, etc.) Despite this, the creature has no penalties 'to hit' etc. It is a a gray slagworm that has been fed on a diet of unholy water and the body of a hydra. The monster has low intelligence and a lawful evil alignment.

The room is luxurious, as if intended for an honored human guest. The floor is covered with plush pillows and a table near the south wall holds cuts of meat. If the meat is examined closely, it is clear that it is mostly human and orc in origin. Below the table are four wooden chests, each of which holds 300 gold cylinders, each 1 gold crescent in value. These are the offerings given to this sacred beast for it to possess as its treasure.

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