Thursday, May 26, 2016


107 MEEGO AND TORKZADEH. This landing is about thirty feet below the rest of Level Three. It is quite roomy and holds two man-sized statues resembling crouching winged dragon-like men with grotesque faces.

These are two neutral talking statues. The most southerly one is Meego, with a broader face. Torkzadeh looks a bit more like a bird or crocodile. Use reaction rolls as per a normal encounter. They have knowledge of the dungeon from talking with monsters and adventurers that pass by. They know more about dungeon levels that are nearby than those that are far away. They love rumors and gossip and are not above embellishing in order to portray things as juicier or more sordid than they really are.

They trade in kind. They will not give away potentially useful information unless they are rewarded first with some tidbits of gossip or knowledge that they do not already know. They are a potential resource for cunning adventurers but not a free font of vital information. They won't volunteer valuable information out of the blue, although they may comment on subjects that the delvers bring up. There is always a 10% chance that they will so twist the truth in order to make something more spectacular that they will give the impression that something is its opposite.

Meego loves flattery. Torkzadeh is fond of having alcohol poured down his throat and slurs its speech if given large amounts.

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