Thursday, March 3, 2016


27 TORTURE CHAMBER. This room is equipped as a torture chamber and is lit by torches esconced upon the walls. Two dedicated torturers remain here, practicing their art on a hapless prisoner.

Mr Sin, Neutral Evil male gnome Fighter (AC 4; MV 6”; F6; hp 30, #AT 1; D Club +3 to damage due to strength; S 18(50), I 14, W 12, D 17, C 16, Ch 4; XP 465)

Mr Sin has shaved his beard and his face is covered with scars. He has a black leather garment equivalent to studded leather and he wears a gold chain and medallion (value 2500 gold crescents) given to him by Carnak Triskelion for years of valued service. It is decorated by a blue jewel of uncertain provenance that is the key to the cells in Room 28. The jewel itself is marked by a black design resembling a key. Mr Sin is an expert torturer who has not let the ruin of the castle strip him of what he believes to be his true calling. He very much enjoys his work.

Mr Lump, Wax Golem Torturer (AC 5; MV 9”; HD 7; hp 30; #AT 1; D Headsman's axe (equivalent to bardiche); SD Limited spell immunity; XP 590)

In general shape Mr Lump resembles a massive human. However here the resemblance ends. His face is lumpy and white, resembling wax that has begun to melt, then solidified again. Beady black eyes peer from behind this horrid visage. Metal plates are attached to body, giving him an improved armor class rating. The visible surface of his misshapen body resembles pale waxy flesh. His bandy legs end in horrible feet, with great splayed toes. Mr Lump follows Mr Sin's orders expertly. In the case of Mr Sin's demise or incapacitation Mr Lump will fight berserkly (+2 to hit and damage) until he is destroyed.

The prisoner is a captured goblin who will perish from his wounds within an hour unless rescued by means of healing magic. He is on a rack.

Goblin (AC 6; MV 6”; HD 1-1; hp 1 (normally 7); #AT 1; D By weapon; XP – (normally 17))

All of the usual items one would expect from a torture chamber are present, including man-sized iron cages, manacles, hanging chains with hooks, an iron maiden, vices, and chairs with arm, leg, and neck straps. A table holds pliers, files, knives, and other more esoteric metal implements. The floor is covered with straw, to better absorb blood. Mr Sin keeps a wooden cabinet holding extra torches, a supply of lamp oil, flint and steel, and some food (mostly bread, meat jerky, some cheese) and eleven bottles of red wine (valued at 4 gold crescents per bottle).

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