Friday, November 16, 2018


123 STATUE ROOM. Partial statues adorn the room, except for one amazing intact statue of a beautiful woman carved from gray veined marble. A clump of rags and dwarven bones is next to the completed statue.

The intact statue is actually alive. The dwarven artist who carved it made it so perfect that it came to life. He then died after completing this work of a lifetime.

Living Statue (AC 2; MV 9”; HD 7; hp 37; #AT 1; D 1-8; SD Resistance to damage; XP 871)

All normal weapons do only half damage against her. Magic weapons do normal damage but do not get any magic '+' bonus on damage. Weapons used against her may break, as if they had hit a caryatid column. She can use stone tell as a magic ability cast as if she was 12th level, three times per day.

The statue is extremely shy and will not move. She is curious, however, and will follow a party that contains male dwarves, as she will identify them with her creator. Thus an observant party may notice her following them about the dungeon. If she is properly approached she may be made an ally. She has a neutral alignment, can speak, and has an intelligence score of 14.

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