Friday, November 2, 2018


109 TRAINER'S ROOM. The room is unkempt with brightly colored clothes and rags strewn everywhere. It holds the bugbear that trains murmillones in combat.

Matulo, Bugbear Trainer (AC 3; MV 9”; HD 5; hp 29; #AT1; D ; SA Surprise on a 1-3; XP 355)

Matulo wears the murmillo helmet so it not immediately obvious that he is a bugbear, though he is eight feet tall, broad, and hairy. He carries a pouch holding his room key, 14 gold crescents, 51 silver spanners, and 13 copper pieces. He wears pendulous gold earrings worth 20 gold crescents each.

The room to the south is a closet where Matulo keeps extra weapons.: a lucern hammer, a silver dagger in a silver and leather sheath (100 gold crescents), and a battle axe. He also keeps coins in a sack hanging from a hook on the inside of the door: 138 gold crescents, 97 silver spanners, and 35 copper pieces.

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