Saturday, September 29, 2018


75 TRAINER. If Agramar is not in Room 67 he will probably be here.

Agramar, Lawful Evil male twilight dwarf Fighter (AC 6; MV 6”; F6; hp 33; #AT 1; D Black iron hammer +1 +1 due to strength; S 17, I 17, W 10, D 15, C 13, Ch 12; XP 705)

Agramar wears black thraex style armor and uses a magic hammer instead of a traditional thraex short sword. He carries 16 gold crescents, 19 silver spanners, 24 copper pieces, and the key to his room. Agramar is very short (three feet) and unusually stout and broad. He is a domineering perfectionist in matters of combat but personally very sloppy.

The room is somewhat messy with old clothes and food scattered about. The bed is unkempt, but the bedsheets are costly silk and worth 300 gold crescents. He keeps a wardrobe which is full of boots and five black iron daggers. Beneath the bed is an unlocked iron box holding 12 silver khurams, 325 gold crescents, 100 silver spanners, and three black glass bottles holding potions of healing (blue, taste like honey).

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