Tuesday, September 4, 2018


49 CIRCULAR ROOM. A blank canvas, easel, and palette of paints and inks. Resting on a small table is a paintbrush. The room itself is lit by a glow whose source is impossible to identify. The ceiling is conical with a peak of 24 feet. The walls are decorated with pictures of every type of bird.

Painting a bird upon the surface of the canvas,causes it to appear upon the table. The bird can be alive or dead (as in a roasted chicken). Anything too large to fit on a table (such as a Roc) will be resized to fit. Painting a bird does not grant control over the creature and it will act according to its natural instincts, although an intelligent adventurer might paint a bird in a cage.

The canvas will always be blank when the room is reentered. The magic only works in this room. Outside of the room, the paintbrush, paint, and canvas are ordinary. Any art materials brought into the room will not work, only the originals.

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