Sunday, September 9, 2018


54 PRIVATE ROOM. On a bed is a gray, shriveled, and dried up dead body. Standing against the walls are dozens of very realistic manikins of people from all walks of life (beggar, merchant, noble, sage, fighter, etc.).

The manikins are actually corpses and products of the taxidermists art. The fighter wears real chain mail armor and has a long sword decorated with semi-precious stones (200 gold crescents). The noble has a platinum diadem about her forehead with small sapphires (2500 gold crescents).

The body of the bed is actually a restless dead. If anyone intrudes into the room, it will spring up and scream “This room is mine! This room is mine!” over and over again. If the room is not vacated immediately, it will attack.

Restless Dead (AC 4; MV 12"; HD 7; hp 32; #AT 2 claws; D 1-8/1-8; SD +1 or better weapons to hit, regenerate 3 points/round, limited spell immunity; XP 856)

The restless dead has beautiful blue glass eyes, as do all the preserved bodies. It is immune to cold and mind affecting spells. It can be turned as a 'Special' undead in this room, or as a spectre if lured out of the room.

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