Friday, December 8, 2017


3TTT TRAITORS. This room holds five wooden coffins. Scrawled on the top of each one is the word "Traitor" in shaky handwriting.

Coffin 1: Holds a skeleton impaled by thousands of nails, the coffin is a functional iron maiden.

Coffin 2: Solid gold covers the face of the skeleton in this coffin, as the person was forced to swallow molten gold when alive. It extends as a tube into what was once an esophagus. The gold is worth 274 gold crescents.

Coffin 3: All the long bones on the skeleton in this coffin have been smashed with a hammer and wedge, which are still present.

Coffin 4: The occupant inside is a restless dead. Its skeletal remains are blackened due to it having been burned alive.

Restless Dead Skeleton (AC 7; HD 4; hp 18; #AT 1; D 1-10; SA Breath fire 1/round for 1d12; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity, immune to fire; XP 157)

Coffin 5: This skeleton does not appear to have suffered any mistreatment from casual inspection, but anyone who touches the bones will experience an intense feeling of nausea as they receive sympathetic paranormal vibrations from the immense suffering of this person in life. Save vs death magic or vomit then swoon for 1d3 turns.

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