Wednesday, December 13, 2017


33YYY ROOM OF INVISIBILITY. Any creature that enters this room will become invisible for the duration of their stay. Two hell hounds, pets of the Hollow family (such as it is) are here already.

2 Hell Hounds (AC 4; MV 12”; HD 4; hp 19, 16; #AT 1 bite; D 1-10; SA Breathe fire (1 hp/HD), surprise on 1-4; SD Only surprised on a 1, see invisible (50%); XP 226, 214)

A chest in the southwest corner (invisible, naturally) holds 2 unlabeled potions of healing in crystal flasks (each worth 10 gold crescents), 300 gold crescents in a felt bag, and a ring of delusion, which will make the wearer believe that he or she is permanently invisible. As a side effect it will allow the wearer to see invisible things 50% of the time. Any items taken from the room will become visible, except the ring, which is permanently invisible.

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