Wednesday, July 26, 2017


27B BACK ROOM. This room is clearly worked stone, not cave. It holds the statue of an ogre with a huge head. There is a large wooden chest against the east wall and a small pedestal holding a large rock of green mineral with purple veins.

The rock is cursed. Touching it requires a save vs spells at -6 or the victim's head will grow to three times normal size and intelligence will be halved (round up). This curse requires a remove curse spell by at least an tenth level spellcaster to reverse.

The statue is of an unlucky ogre who inhabited this lair and who was afflicted with the curse before being stoned by the cockatrice. The treasure was his and consists of 350 gold crescents, 818 silver spanners, and an unlabeled potion of invisibility (clear, odorless, tasteless) in a rock crystal vial worth 50 gold crescents. Hidden in a secret panel in the lid are 5 arrows +1 wrapped in the smelly leather of a owlbear.

The secret door is a sliding type and can be opened by application of force to its pivot.

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