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86I PRISON. Each of the six alcoves hold a prisoner. A leg manacle keeps each prisoner in place, chained to the wall.

Alcove 1: A dead lizard man.

Alcove 2: Visnath the fangtooth hybrid

Visnath, Lawful Evil male fangtooth fishman hybrid Fighter (AC 6; MV 6"; F3; hp 23; #AT 1; D By weapon +1 to damage due to strength; S 17, I 8, W 6, D 12, C 14, Ch 8; XP 152)

Visnath wears scale mail armor. The froglodytes have taken his weapon and gold armband. His goal is to get back to serving Slackenslav (see Room 40). He will cooperate with fighting froglodytes if he is given a weapon and he feels that he will be allowed to return to the fishmen lair.

Alcove 3: A dead male elf. He wears a green robe decorated with orange leaves and has a magic-user scroll of charm person and monster summoning v stuffed into his boot. Fiametta in Alcove 5 knows about the scroll because this elf (his name was Hermis Trigaminot) was in her adventuring party.

Alcove 4: This alcove contains a dread skull, an undead pirate skeleton.

Hobnail Pete, Chaotic Evil male dread skull Pirate (AC 7; MV 12”; F3; hp 14; #AT 1; D 1-6 or by weapon; SD Sharp weapons score half damage only, limited spell immunity; XP 190)

The dread skull is part of the pirate skeleton crew from Area 87. It wears old but still colorful clothes as one would expect from a seafaring person. It holds a golden key in its chest cavity (worth 35 gold crescents), which matches the lock to Room 87O. It speaks in typical seafaring language and accent. It is not friendly and will not cooperate unless given rum, in which case it will become very cooperative indeed. It was a scout under Captain Bonebeard's command who was captured by the froglodytes. They don't know what to do with it.

Alcove 5: A living female human illusionist.

Fiametta Sollarkones, Lawful Good female human Illusionist (AC 7; MV 12”; I5; hp 12; #AT 1; D By weapon; S 11, I 16, W 10, D 17, C 10, Ch 16; SA Spell use; XP 496)

Fiametta was a member of a doomed adventuring party that included the dead elf in Alcove 3. She wears a white robe with a pattern of yellow stars. The froglodytes have taken her weapons and wealth. She has used up some of her spells but still has the following left:

First Level Illusionist Spells:
Change Self, Detect Invisibility

Second Level Illusionist Spells:

Third Level Illusionist user Spells:
Invisibility, 10' Radius

She has no spell components left so she cannot use the detect invisibility spell unless she finds some talc and powdered silver. She will be cooperative with any good or neutral aligned party.

Alcove 6: A living froglodyte. He is serving sentence for stealing rum.

Froglodyte (AC 5; MV 12”//15”; HD 3+2; hp 19; #AT 2 claws and 1 bite or 1 weapon; D 1-3/1-3/1-6 or by weapon +1 to damage due to strength; SA Steam breath for 2d6; XP 201)

He is not armed.

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