Wednesday, July 20, 2016


148 KANE ISN'T ABLE. Babbling away in this cavern is the feebleminded Kane Triskelion.

Kane Triskelion, Lawful Neutral male human Magic-user (AC 6; MV 12”; MU8; hp 27; #AT 1; D By weapon; SD Never surprised, +2 on all saving throws; S 9, I 2, W 10, D 18, C 11, Ch 14; XP -)

Kane's normal dexterity and hit points are 12 and 23, but are augmented by his brownie. His normal intelligence is 16. He has no memorized spells, no weapons, and wears only a dirty light gray robe with tiny blue ringed planets on it. He can be killed out of hand, but is worth no experience points.

If Kane is cured, he will try to help and/or reward his benefactors. He has a small tower in the Grounds. He is a competent magic-user and knows the above-ground parts of the castle very well, though he rarely visited the dungeons and knows them poorly.

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