Sunday, July 10, 2016


141 CRYPT GUARDIAN. A figure in black armor, the Crypt Guardian, is here. The door in the west wall is made of stone and worked into its structure is a huge combination lock with numbers running from 1 to 1000.

Crypt Guardian (AC 0; MV 6”; HD 8; hp 40; #AT 2; D Skull Sword; SA See below; SD See below; MR 50%; XP 1225)

The Crypt Guardian will say “You shall not pass” in a deep hollow voice. It has the following characteristics:

  • Immune to mind affecting spells such as sleep, charm, or hold and it cannot be harmed by cold.
  • Regenerates 1 hit point per round.
  • Can see even in complete or magical darkness to 120'.
  • Can be turned as a 'Special' but only outside this room. Cannot be turned in this room and will not voluntarily leave the room.
  • Neutral evil alignment.
  • Armed with the Skull Sword, a black long sword with a skull design on its pommel.
  • Wears black plate mail armor. Its great helm is worked to resemble a skull.
  • Uses the Skull Shield, a black magic normal-sized shield whose shield face resembles a skull. The combination to the lock 123-789-456 is inscribed on the back of the shield.
  • If defeated, and the armor is opened, there is not actually anything inside.

The secret door to the south is a sliding door type, activated from either side by pushing on a stone in the wall.

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  1. just a reminder that we need a monster manual entry for the porgs and gerkens, since you might've forgotten about it. Keep it up, otherwise.
    Groaning Spirit