Saturday, July 9, 2016


140 CRYPTIC GUARDIAN. On the south wall there is a stone door with a stone wall decoration resembling the head of a ridiculously ugly goblin or gremlin.

The face will ask a riddle. If it is answered correctly, it will open the door. If the wrong answer is given, or if someone tries to break the door down, it will attack by extending itself on a telescoping neck.

RIDDLE: An ogre threw an axe as hard as he could. There was nothing in front of him and nothing on either side of him, yet the axe came back and hit him in the face. Why?

ANSWER: He was lying on his back and threw it straight up.

Stone Head (AC 4; MV 0”; HD 5; hp 27; #AT 1 bite; D 1-8; SD Immune to cold, immune to mind affecting spells such as sleep, charm, hold; MR 50%; XP 300)

The neck can extend up to 50'. It is stone gray and marked by pulsing veins. It is also the Stone Head's weakness. A called strike can be made against the neck (it has AC 2) and if it takes 10 hit points of damage, it will sunder, leaving the Stone Head on the ground, cursing eloquently. Defeating the Stone Head will cause the door to open.

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