Monday, December 14, 2015


49 ABANDONED WORK SHOP. The walls of this quaint little room are paneled in pale yellow-tan wood and the floor is blue-gray tile. It is lit by a glass continual light sphere on a black iron tripod.

A large desk and heavy wooden chair are near the south wall, the chair with its back to the door. The east and west walls hold shelves with thousands of colored stones, of every shape imaginable.

Seated within the chair is a an unanimated skeleton wearing a blue and green smoking jacket. The desk holds dried ink, quills, a tinder box, a journal, a clear spindle shaped ioun stone and a crystal vial.

The journal is labeled “XXI” and contains research notes on the creation of a philosopher's stone. It is incomplete, being only one of many volumes. The last page reads:

At last I have created a stone! Is this the secret to immortality? Well, I must stop writing now, as I am somewhat fatigued and my chest pains have started again.”

The vial holds a potion of cloud giant strength, it is silver with flecks of gold and tastes like plain water. It works, but has a side effect. When the potion is consumed the user will gain incredible musculature which will last as long as the spell is in effect. This is impressive, but adventurers wearing armor will take damage from the change as though they had just turned into a werebear (see page 23 of the Dungeon Master's Guide). The vial is the same as those used to hold holy water and is worth 5 silver spanners all by itself.

The stones on the shelves are pretty, but of no intrinsic value.

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