Friday, November 22, 2013


Okay Fight #2, so I guess this will be a bi-weekly thing. I'm going to pit a winter wolf against a hell hound. Let's say a fire giant and a frost giant are betting on the outcome. They have released the two into an underground maze and are watching from above.

Here is the Winter Wolf:


SPECIAL ATTACKS: Frost breath for 6-24, use once every 10 rounds, range 1”
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Cold-based attacks do not harm them, but fire-based attacks cause +1 per die of damage normally caused.
HIT POINTS: 27 (7,4,2,6,3,5) which also happens to be average hit points

And the Hell Hound:

HIT DICE: 4-7, let's say 6, so it has the same as the wolf
DAMAGE: 1-10
SPECIAL ATTACKS: Breathe fire (1 hp/HD) up to a 1” distance, surprise on 1-4
SPECIAL DEFENSES: Only surprised on a 1, see invisible (50%)
MORALE: 65% to 80%, with 6 HD it's 75%
HIT POINTS: 27 let's give it the same hit points

Time for surprise. I roll a 5 for the hell hound, which is only surprised on a '1' and it is not surprised. I roll a '6' for the winter wolf which would have been surprised on a 1-4, so it is also not surprised.

Next is encounter distance. Indoor encounter distance is 5” to 10” (d6+4). It could be modified by line of sight and other factors, but since I have not mapped the area, let's just use this. I roll a '4', so the encounter distance is 4+4 = 8”.

It is time to declare intentions. Both have a breath weapon, but the distance is only 1” in both cases. Both monsters intend to close to striking range, when combat will become possible.

Now the two beasts have closed the distance and it is a new round. Both choose to use their breath weapons. Time to roll initiative. The hell hound rolls a '5' and the winter wolf rolls a '3', so the hell hound can go first. The hound breathes fire. The winter wolf must save vs breath weapon. It saves as a 6th level fighter. It must roll a '13' or higher to take half damage. It rolls a '10' and fails its save. Normally a monster would take 6 points of damage, but the winter wolf is vulnerable to fire and takes an additional +1 point of damage per die.

I think you could rule this one of two ways. You could say the wolf only takes an additional +1, or you could say it takes an additional +1 for every hit die of the hound. I favor the former approach, and the wolf takes 7 points of damage.

Now the wolf breathes its frost breath. The hell hound also saves as a 6th level fighter. It rolls a '12' and fails its save. For damage I roll a '16' on 6d4.

It is the end of the first round. The hell hound has 27 - 16 = 11 hit points left. The winter wolf has 27 - 7 = 20 hit points left.

Time to roll for morale. The hell hound must roll at a penalty of 15% due to damage inflicted. Both have a morale of 75%. I roll a '30' and '56' so both stay to fight some more.

Next round. New intentions. The hell hound uses it breath weapon again, but the winter wolf can't use it again for 10 combat rounds, so it must bite.

Initiative time. Hell hound 4, winter wolf 5. The winter wolf has to roll a '9' or higher. It rolls a '6' and misses. The hell hound breathes fire again. The winter wolf rolls a 16 and makes its save, taking 4 points of damage.

End of round 2. The hell hound has 11 hit points and the winter wolf has 16. They roll '45' and '50' and neither fails morale, despite modifiers.

New round, same intentions. Roll for initiative. The hell hound rolls a 2 and the wolf rolls a 3. The wolf tries to bite and rolls an 11, good enough to hit. Damage is 4.

The hound breathes fire again and the wolf rolls a 4 on saving throw, failing its save and taking 7 points of damage.

End of round 3. Hound 7, wolf, 9. Morale rolls of 8 and 16 means that both stay to fight.

Same intentions. They both roll a 3 for initiative so simultaneous attacks. The hell hound breathes fire and the wolf rolls a 12 and fails its save, taking another 7 points of damage. The wolf rolls a '4' and misses the hound.

End of round 4. The wolf only has 2 hit points left and the hell hound has 7. Time for morale. They roll a 57 and 16 so we go to another round.

The hell hound has experienced success with its breath weapon, and stays with it. The winter wolf still has no choice but to bite. Time for initiative. The hound rolls a 3 and the wolf rolls a 5. The wolf can attack first. It rolls a 19 and hits for 7 points of damage. The hound is reduced to 0 and is out of it.

So there you go, quite an even fight.

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