Friday, September 29, 2017


33B GREAT HALL. This room is dominated by a grand staircase flanked by two statues. The ceiling is about thirty feet. As the room is first entered, the characters will hear a scream and a thump (as of a body falling) coming from the upstairs.

The statue on the left at the foot of the stairs is a white marble statue of a beautiful young man. The statue on the right is made of some black rough rock and is of a older man with a pitchfork, cloven hooves, a goatee, and horns.

The first time the stairs are used, the white statue will animate for the last person in the marching order (or the person on the left in the last row). It will turn to face them and say "You're in for a frightfully good time", then chuckle mockingly. It will then revert to a normal statue and cannot be coaxed into reanimating.

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