Wednesday, September 27, 2017


33 HOLLOW HOUSE. As the party approaches this two-story grim looking mansion, the weather turns rainy and the sky becomes dark as night, even if the rest of the Grounds is in bright sunshine or under the weather changing influence of the tower at Area 14.

The manor was obviously rich and well-cared for at some point, but has fallen into ruin, the breeding place of vermin and rest of crows and bats. The front entrance is reached by a rotting porch. A sign hangs here, labeling the place as “Hollow House”. There is also a back entrance, and on the side, cellar doors.

This place is the home of a branch of the Triskelion family, they are deceased but many of them are not aware of that fact. Adventurers may look through the many grimy windows about the house. If they do, describe the rooms as though inhabitants and lighting do not exist. In other words, only those inside the house can perceive the residents and their activities. For their part, the undead will ignore voyeurs.

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