Monday, August 28, 2017


30Q KANE'S ROOM. The trapdoor is locked. Orlando the brownie has the key.

There is a work bench holding alchemical glassware and spell components. There is a desk, a bookcase, a wardrobe, and a cot. A stuffed crocodile hangs by chains from the ceiling.

The spell components on the work bench are in glass jars, each labeled with material type and spell to be used for:

Copper wire (4 gold crescents worth)
Feather fall and fly
Iron bars
Hold monster
Nut shells
Powdered iron
Protection from evil
Powdered silver (65 gold crescents worth)
Protection from evil
Quartz chunks
Wall of ice
Fire trap

The desk holds various quills, ink, a special fine magical ink worth 400 gold crescents for the write spell, a glass lens in a platinum casing (150 gold crecents) for the read magic spell, and 4 strips of ivory for the legend lore spell (worth 50 gold crescents each).

The bookcase holds various notes and three spell books.

The first spell book is a book of first and second level spells. It holds burning hands, charm person, feather fall, find familiar, message, protection from evil, read magic, write, continual light, esp, fool's gold, knock, and ray of enfeeblement.

The second spell book is a book of third and fourth level spells. It holds blink, explosive runes, fireball, fly, hold person, confusion, dimension door, fire trap, polymorph self, and wall of ice.

The third spell book is a book of fifth and sixth level spells. It holds animal growth, conjure earth elemental, hold monster, telekinesis, disintegrate, and legend lore.

The wardrobe holds robes and cloaks, each gray and decorated with blue ringed planets. There is a normal quarter staff and three silver daggers.

Inside the belly of the stuffed crocodile are 15 topazes worth 300 gold crescents each. Under the cot is a wooden box holding 532 gold crescents, 321 silver spanners, and 363 copper pieces.

The ceiling is ten feet high, the ramp goes up to Room 30R.


  1. Now that is some great and well detailed Treasure! Great job!

  2. And hardened adventurers will be sure to extract every last copper piece out of it! :)