Monday, August 7, 2017


27N LEUCROTTA LAIR. The north cave is decorated as a living room, with blankets draped over rods to cover up the cave walls. A female gnome sit in a plush chair, sipping tea and having a conversation with a woman changing behind a changing screen. The woman has a beautiful voice and pieces of skimpy lingerie are draped over the screen.

The gnome, a grandmotherly type, is actually the servant of a leucrotta who hides behind the screen. The leucrotta's favorite tactic is to seduce a single male adventurer to take off armor and weapons and come behind the screen to tell it if its outfit looks alright.

Leucrotta (AC 4; MV 18”; HD 6+1; hp 26; #AT 1 bite; D 3-18; SA Voice imitation; SD Kick in retreat (1-6/1-6); XP 683)

Hilga, Chaotic Evil female gnome Assassin (AC 7; MV 6”; A3; hp 10; #AT 1; D Dagger; SA Paralysis, back stab; S 12, I 13, W 10, D 16, C 10, Ch 14; XP 230)

Thief skills: PP 30%, OL 35% F/RT 30% MS 20% HS 15% HN 20% CW 70% RL -
Hilga wears a leather vest and skirt under her dress, which along with her dexterity gives her her armor class. She has a gold ring (400 gold crescents) and 10 silver hair pins (5 gold crescents each). Her dagger has a special paralytic poison that acts as ghoul paralysis. It will work for 1d4+1 times before all the venom is wiped off the blade. She will try to backstab if at all possible.

Under the tea table is a small chest holding 1432 silver spanners and 965 gold crescents.

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