Tuesday, May 16, 2017


22P ABANDONED MINING CHAMBER. This rock cave was being used for mining until there was a cave-in near the west side of the chamber. In addition to the boulders depicted on the map, there is a large amount of smaller rocks scattered all over the floor.

If the chamber is explored there is a 5% chance per person each round that there will be another rock fall doing 2d6 damage to each person (save vs petrification for half damage).

Among the rubble on the west side of the room are two dead thermite workers and a dead dwarf. The dwarf has the following items:

  • Plate armor painted white to look like a thermite shell and a great helm with fake thermite eyes made out of wood attached to the top. It still has the pheremone smell of thermite warrior and if worn by any dwarf will allow them to pass unquestioned by thermites other than the more intelligent queen or princess. The plate armor is very damaged and provides only a base armor class of 5.
  • An unlabeled potion of healing (blue, tastes and smells of spearmint) in a metal tube with a cork stopper.
  • A short sword with an opal in its pommel (worth 460 gold crescents)
  • A purse with 3 gold mabans and 4 copper ganes.

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