Wednesday, April 27, 2016


82 CLERICS' WASH ROOM. This has five bath room stalls against the east wall. A large basin-like sink is near the south wall.

Each stall holds a gray toilet with running water to flush waste. A pull cord hangs from the ceiling for each toilet. All of the toilets have their pull cord on the right of the toilet except for the center one, which is on its left. If the pull cord for the center toilet is pulled twice quickly in succession, the secret door will reveal itself. the whole toilet will sink and the wall will move back and to the right exposing the corridor leading to Rooms 93. This process involves well-oiled machinery and is almost silent.

The secret door can be closed from the corridor side by a lever on the north wall of the corridor, or it can be closed on the room side by pulling the cord twice again.

The sink to the south is very similar to the one in Room 81, but it has hot and cold water faucets and the faucet heads are decorated to resemble worms.

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