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18 CAPTAIN'S BEDROOM. This room is occupied by two wererats in human form, if they sense that the party is suspicious of them, they will attack. Otherwise they will attempt to trick the party into trusting them. They would prefer to rob and kill the party in the fashion that endangers themselves the least. A preferred tactic would be to bring the characters to Room 22 so their offspring could assist in attacking the adventurers.

Domino, male wererat (AC 6; MV 12”; HD 3+1; hp 17; #AT 1; D Longsword; SA Surprise on 1-4; SD Silver or magic weapon to hit; XP 218)

Mortisha, female wererat (AC 6; MV 12”; HD 3+1; hp 18; D Dagger; SA Surprise on 1-4; SD Silver or magic weapon to hit; XP 222) two gold bracelets worth 40 gold crescents each, platinum and sapphire earrings worth 12 gold crescents each, key to the jewelry box on the nightstand

The room and inhabitants should give a mixed impression, as if they are two nobles living in the midst of filthy, though once rich, surroundings. The wererats in their human form are dressed quite well and are a handsome couple.

A huge wardrobe is against the south wall. A large and luxurious bed is against the west wall. The walls are decorated in the same style as Room 17: wood paneling and fading yellow paper. A fireplace is in the east wall. There are four large paned glass windows and the room is lit by two large free standing candelabra. Set of rusty plate armor and chain armor are assembled on wooden frames.

The wardrobe holds men's and women's clothing. Helena Triskelion's gowns are quite beautiful, if faded, and the whole ensemble is worth 120 gold crescents.

The massive bed is made with red and black sheets. The headboard is marked with Ruggero's three dagger crest. A closer examination of the bed will reveal the sheets have not been washed in a long time, and there are large amounts of hair present, as if an animal has been sleeping here (the hair belongs to the wererats in their ratmen forms). There are two nightstands. Domino's holds a selection of cheap colognes. Mortisha's nightstand holds a jewelry box that used to belong to Helena Triskelion.

The jewelry box is locked and contains the following:

    three pearl necklaces (50 gold crescents each)
    a ruby and gold necklace (800 gold crescents)
    four pairs of earrings
       silver – 12 gold crescents
       gold – 10 gold crescents
       sapphire – 50 gold crescents
       platinum and diamond – 200 gold crescents
    two bracelets
       gold – 15 gold crescents
       silver – 7 gold crescents
    four rings
       gold – 45 gold crescents
       gold – 78 gold crescents
       platinum and diamond – 180 gold crescents
       silver and sapphire – 400 gold crescents

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