Monday, April 14, 2014


17 CAPTAIN'S SUITE. The door to this room is capable of being locked, but it is not. This room was once the antechamber of Ruggero Triskelion and his wife Helena and it gives the impression of once spoiled grandeur. It is now used by a pair of wererats (see Room 18). In the center of the room is a large dining table. There are numerous side tables against the north and east walls, and several wooden cabinets against the south and west walls. The walls are paneled with wood and papered with a fading yellow. The floor is dusty in most places and cobwebs and mice droppings are in evidence. There is a fireplace in the east wall, along with six large paned glass windows, streaked with grime. There are four large freestanding candelabra, which are normally lit..

The table in the center of the room seems out-of-place because it is impeccably clean and an elegant meal is laid out, consisting of red wine, pasta, salad, bread, and a covered dish hiding a roast duck. There are five place settings and five chairs, and several lit candelabra glow merrily. Oddly, or perhaps not so, the cutlery is all wood, for the wererats avoid using the silver. Utensils that are readily available

The side tables hold iron refreshment trays and replacement long white candles, at least a hundred of them.

The wooden cabinets hold silverware and crockery. These items are worth a total of 312 gold crescents (90 gp total weight) if sold in a town or city, but great care must be taken to make sure the crockery survives the journey. The silver items alone are worth 102 gold crescents.

If a large amount of noise is made here, or a large amount of time is spent here, the residents of Room 18 will surely make an appearance.

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