Sunday, April 23, 2017


21C MYSTERIOUS ISLAND FIREPLACE ROOM. Any person who climbs down the twenty five feet of well shaft from the surface will find it is also the chimney of the fireplace in this room. A unanimated skeleton of an unknown human (it was an agoraphobic member of the Triskelion family) sits in an armchair facing the fireplace. He wears a fine red robe and holds a map in one hand and a book in the other. A small table is near the south wall holding three stoppered flasks.

The robe is partially made of phoenix feathers. Any person who wears it will take half damage from fire. It is sized to fit a human and won't fit over armor.

The map is of the lake, reproduced here:

The book is a spell book holding the magic-user spells hallucinatory terrain, read magic, repulsion and rope trick.

The first flask holds very fine and old brandy worth 100 gold crescents. The second holds an labeled potion of ghoul control (red, smells like tar, tastes like pickle-water). The third is labeled 'ghoul control' but is spoiled and is now a potion of poison.

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